Tabah Group is recognized as a leading name in the provision of professional and integrated medical services within the Egyptian market and extending its reach across the Middle East. Our network, built through a robust collaboration with esteemed partners across various Arab countries, is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our service delivery.

Our proficient team, comprising both functional professionals and seasoned administrative staff, brings extensive expertise to each service we offer. The backbone of our organization lies in substantial financial and scientific investments that enhance our capabilities and ensure superior service quality. This exceptional approach directly benefits our service recipients across various medical fields.



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Core Values







Predicting the needs and expectations of our understanding them and satisfying them determine our actions.We keep an eye on competitors, but our customers are always in focus

We encounter new opportunities open-minded. We challenge ourselves to always go new ways and to be resourceful. For us the learning process is never complet-ed. We are therefore leaders in the continuous improvement of our products and processes.No applause for us if we increase the number of employees, the budget or the fixed costs only

We set tirelessly high standards for many people these standards may even appear disproportionately high. We continuously motivate our teams to develop high quality products, services and processes.We deliver results in the right quality and in compliance with all deadlines and all requirements.we face the challenges and never give up.

Our services span across multiple sectors

Pharmaceutical Excellence: Tabah Pharma

In the pharmaceutical field, represented by Tabah Pharma, we are committed to bringing the highest quality medicines and healthcare products to the market. Our aim is to enhance patient outcomes and ensure access to essential medications.

Preventive Healthcare: Tabah Care

Tabah Care focuses on the preventive aspects of healthcare. By emphasizing prevention, we aim to reduce the incidence of diseases and promote overall community health through cutting-edge medical technologies and expert consultations.

Our Vision: At Tabah Group, our vision is to be the benchmark for excellence in the medical service industry across the region. We strive to continuously innovate and improve our services to meet the growing needs of our clients and partners.

Our Mission: Our mission is to enhance the quality of healthcare through comprehensive and integrated services, leveraging our expertise and resources to make a significant positive impact on the communities we serve

Dental Supplies and Equipment: Tabah Import and Export

Our specialized sector in dental supplies and equipment stands out through Tabah Import and Export. We pride ourselves on importing, supplying, installing, and maintaining a wide range of premium European and international dental brands. Our services include:

  • Provision of the latest international technologies: We ensure that dentists have access to the most advanced equipment and tools to enhance their service delivery.

  • Technical and scientific support: We provide continuous professional development opportunities for dental practitioners to keep them abreast of the latest advancements.

  • Maintenance and periodic follow-up: Our commitment does not end with the sale. We offer consistent maintenance, follow-ups, and spare parts provision to ensure the efficiency and reliability of our products.

Our dedicated efforts in the dental sector guarantee satisfaction for all beneficiaries, whether they are doctors or patients. Our objective is to support dentists in achieving their professional goals by partnering with them to provide benefits and ensure success.

Core Values







We are attentive listeners, make honest statements and treat our fellow human beings with respect. We are open to self-criticism, even when it seems unpleasant or embarrassing. We know that we and our team are not infallible

We regularly review sceptically when expectations, intuition and results are not in harmony. We make sure that mistakes do not spread far and wide and that their cause is finally remedied

Through the enthusiasm of our customers and employees and the marketing of innovative products, we create a solid foundation for successful business. We ensure that the requirements for the further development and maintenance of the effectiveness of the quality management system are consistently met through the targeted use of resources. We want to live up to our social responsibility and be recognized as good neighbour